Friday, May 1, 2015

I Am Not Going To Pretend

I'm not gonna pretend to know what the fuck is going on at the mo.  I've been busy dealing with goddamn ants.  Almost immediately after moving into this rental, fire ants decided to stake their claim on the place.  They were here first, after all.  The way these annoying pests prove they rule over this property, is that no matter how often you wipe counters, cabinets, and sweep and mop floors, or try to eliminate them with bug spray, they creep out of cracks and crevices and take over someone's bedroom, the living room, but mostly the kitchen.  This persistent problem has made me cranky and anxious.  No, what's happened is these ants have turned me into an angry monster.  As soon as one of these little suckers make their presence I'm reminded how depressing living here is for me.  Today was especially horrible because not only were ants constantly present - again, no matter how free of food areas are - the weather sucked the life out of me.  100+ degree temps and I do not get along well at all. Frequent outings throughout the day requiring me to go in and out of low-oven temp car were a bitch.

"It's Too Hot!"
Image by Lillian Carilo, May 2015

It's 11:16 pm, almost 10 hours since I first had to deal with ants in the kitchen, and only a couple of hours when I was forced to go out to Home Depot for "bug barrier" spray to use in the bedroom where my son and dogs sleep... it better work... and cleared off the kitchen counters to spray them down.  Ants piss me off, bug sprays choke my airways, and chemicals in sprays make me worry the dogs might have adverse reaction upon inhaling the stuff.  Probably needless to say, I'm in a super bad mood.

Damn ants put a crimp in recording of a new video for This Is Fifty With Lil's YouTube channel Five On Friday feature.  Ants suck.

Bed time.


Wait!  Breaking news... A baby!?  Seems The Royal Family is about to have tiny little new member in it's midst.  Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, is in early stages of labor according to the news.  I love babies.  Congratulations on the arrival of a little prince or princess, William, Kate & big brother, George.


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