Friday, April 3, 2015

Bloom & Grow

Oh, boy. I don't know what I was thinking when I said, "Okay, I'll sing this."  It was to take place at a Spring church recital set up by the choir leader whom I was paying for singing lesson. She convinced some of her other clients that they were also ready to make their solo "debut." 

We all were familiar enough with each other from singing as a group during Sunday morning services. Together we were okay, even good sometimes. Singing solo was a whole different ball game. We were given a solo selection, and were teamed up for a duet.  The duet my choir mate and I sang was from West Side Story, America.  My solo was The Sound Music's, Edelweiss.. what a disaster.  Oh, and costume changes were involved.

That's the day that I learned that between my last stage performance in 7th grade and my late 20s crack at singing I had developed a crippling case of stage fright.  I shook with fear, but brought all I could to America.  Edelweiss was a sweaty, noodle-leg, warbely mess.  I think I quit choir that day.

Apologies to The Von Trapp Family Singers.

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