Saturday, August 1, 2015

An Assessment

Thinking, thinking, thinking.

How to proceed. I've recognized importance of reestablishing effective self-care, acknowledged need for reassessment of mental wellness, and took action to help restore a sense of balance? I feel encouraged that my doctor observed and understood that much of what I'm experiencing right now is circumstantial. This, in turn, has brought out, seemingly, insurmountable stress to daily living.

Heading into July I made a request. I asked that we all make an effort to establish harmony in our day-to-day home life. Summer break from schools and reduced work hours due to slow season made it so the kids and I were constantly bickering. I had lost all patience. Our home environment had become tense; it seemed that everyone in the house was focused on making everything a point of contention. It really was becoming unbearable. Healthy rapport was thrown out the window.

I was bothered about anxiety symptoms rearing their heads. Escalating depression, well... that was distressing. Now that we made it through July, regardless of having abandoned all effort to be more considerate of each other, and I've done something to address the situations pertaining to my mental health, it is time to move forward.

How to do that?  First, try not to nag or display uneasiness.  I frequently remind housemates,"We are all adults here." I think I need to add, "Let's act like it."  I need to remember to voice my concerns as clear and concisely as possible; not drone on and on. Another thing I should work on is eating and sleep habits, and of course continue to take my meds as prescribed. Yeah, that seems reasonable.

So, baby steps, one day at a time, slow and steady... ugh, I hate all that. Take care of me is more to my liking.

More tomorrow.

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