Monday, August 31, 2015

August, Out!

It was a hot one. August 2015 that is. Also, it was cruel. I can honestly say that I have never experienced the level of discomfort caused by intense heat from scorching desert temperatures like I did this month. Driving around in a vehicle with malfunctioning air conditioner has been hell. My SUV even suffered from effects of  100+ degree temps. The day that afternoon temperature reached 118 when I had to go out to pick up my son at his job, stop at the grocery store, and get take out for dinner (Like hell I was going to cook!) nearly did me in. My poor car wasn't that lucky. It shut down on us. It was stop and go in the nearby Albertson's parking lot. It only came too with enough power to get us the couple of miles distance to reach home... at about 5 mph speed; a panel of gauges gone haywire from the heat. Did I mention no air conditioning?  We arrived at the house heat stricken, the car caput. No sign of life when I tried to start it up to pull it into the garage. My 50+ year old body is still trying to recover from the trauma. God that was only three days ago! Oh help.

Try not to be an asshole September 2015.*

Let's do this!

*I mean, please play nice.

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