Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mirror, Mirror On The Waa... What IS That!

Oh, mirrors. Do they ever bring good news at my age, I wonder.

I found a few red marks had appeared on my upper chest and shoulder, and thought, "Huh? Bug bites, maybe." Maybe.

Then I found more. And then some of the ones I initially discovered had morphed into different shapes and feel.

I got out the two-sided hand held mirror... the one that has the magnifier. That's never good, right? I wanted to see if there were more of these marks sprouting out anywhere else on my body.

So, I'm fat. Well, fatter. I used to be a stick. Whatever. So, now I'm subjecting myself to having to see myself undressed, BIGGER... it's not pretty... while I scan the old folds for more whatever-they-are. There's more.

It was past midnight when I gave myself a once-over. Oh, I think you know what I did next. Yup... Google!

Tonight I re-examined the old rolls. More spots. And they are still morphing... red raised nicks, flat odd-shaped rough blotches, dry scaly scabby patches. But nothing hurts or itches. They are just there. Multiplying.

I'm thinking about having them checked out tomorrow.

Note to self, and you: No Googling "skin, spots, rashes, blotches" after midnight snack.

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