Saturday, February 28, 2015

February... Made.

February was good, yes?

I think this month's BlogHer NaBloPoMo theme prompts have been my favorite so far.  MAKE opened up my head to so many possibilities; limitations reminded me to try to MAKE the best of things, because there are times when I must quietly relinquish control and peacefully accept that most days I can only do so much.  Chronic illness can be an enormous pain, both literally and figuratively.  Throw in lengthy bouts of weakness, and that sums up my February.

On the flip side, February 2015 has been a month of discovery.  In attempt to "make" stuff, I've discovered that I still am able to develop untapped skills, and as a result, have a new favorite pastime.  I hope visitors to my blog have enjoyed my early works of digital illustrations.

Follow My March Story, it shall continue on the same vein where February ends... discovery.

A request:  Please, keep this BlogHer blogger/YouTube vlogger and her family in your thoughts.  I welcome your support and encouragement as we search for a place to live.  We must vacate this rental by March 29.  Our budget is tight; finances strained.  Rents are very high, and homes very old in this area.  So, if you can imagine a place where a family of three, and two dogs can live a safe, comfortable and quiet life without the threat of homelessness, again, looming overhead; a place where we can also accommodate our college age children while they are on summer break from school; a place that has been well kept and cared for, where we have access to safe-to-drink tap water, has adequate storage, and proper windows for opening to enjoy pleasant weather when desert temperatures are comfortable to tolerable, and ample grassy area for our dogs.  This shall be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

May Abundance and Good Fortune be awaiting us in the very near future, and serenity fill and soothe our weary souls.

March 2015... welcome.

Grateful for the roof over our heads which was provided in effort to
relieve homelessness endured by my family from Oct 2012 through Feb 2013.


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