Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Making The Best Of It

Seriously, this cookie cannot crumble... not this time.  But to be completely honest, every bone in my body is doing what it can to keep me from collapsing.  My meds are keeping my brain in check, thank goodness.  However, spirit suffers.  Part of it is the uncertainty; another part is, lack.  Recovery has been slow, and unexpected expenses keeps us living paycheck to paycheck.  One sure thing this time though, is that The Hubs has been at his job for over two years.

Making the best of it, means keeping my chin up, saving emotional lows for when I'm alone in the car, but most importantly, acknowledging things going right for us, and expressing appreciation for teamwork within our little family.
Excerpt from A Home Not Our Own
February 7, 2013

In case you missed this week's vlog post about The Oscars:

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