Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Let's Go Summer 2015!

Go?  Where!  I'm not planning on going anywhere. Wait, I went to take an afternoon nap today; slept for just over five hours! Who does that!?  Me, actually, but usually earlier in the day.  Like, on a bad day health-wise, when I return home from driving people to school and work, I'll tuck back into my awaiting unmade bed. But, in all fairness, I have to be really sick to sleep five hours; normal is more like three hours, tops. That's right, sometimes my body needs a few hours in the morning to recover from sleep and early morning drives around town.  It's the worst during summer.

Summer is all about get-togethers, and on social media these events come in the form of conventions.  For example, BlogHer - a blogging network community where I share my blog posts - posted this NaBloPoMo prompt for June 2: 

"Are you going to the BlogHer conference in July? What part are you most excited about? What are your fears?"

Yeah, no, I will not be going.  But, it's in NYC, me!  I'd love to visit NYC... but not in July. Also, I'm not much of a writer, much less a mover and a shaker in the blogging world. So, yes, I think it would be kinda cool to attend the BlogHer Conference, however, I fear, there is no budget for this type of travel. That said, I'd put going this Summer on my wish list.

More conferences I wish finances would allow me the chance to attend with my kids this Summer:

  • VidCon... yup.  It's in July too, and I don't care if I'm an oldster among an ocean of youth-tubers, seeing some of my favorite YouTube creators would be pretty great.
  • SDCC... San Diego Comic Con, for those living under a rock. Anywhere some nerd named Chris Hardwick can be found in the wild, actually.
  • LeakyCon... which, I just discovered is now dubbed GeekyCon!? Whaaat?? This is a problem; I don't handle change well. Anyway, I love all things Harry Potter. So, duh, I'd want to go to this event.
Attending  any of these "cons" would be great, but I have other places to be, like, my mom's... on a daily basis.  I'll go to her apartment each morning to make sure she takes her A.M. meds; mid-day, to administer lunchtime meds; and some evenings, when I'll drop off her dinner & bedtime meds.  Oh, and as I did this morning, I'll be going on those frequent Mom grocery shopping runs all Summer, same as I would every other season of the year.

I get tired just thinking about it.  Nap time, anyone?

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