Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pomp & Circumstance

Today was Kid 3's high school graduation ceremony, but as I've mentioned on this blog, my Facebook and Twitter feeds, we decided to pass on attending the outdoor event.  I'll take my daughter to pick up her diploma tomorrow morning, then maybe her sister, brother and I can go out for a nice celebratory lunch at one of her favorite restaurants; maybe Panera. We'll see.

So, now we have arrived at official college saving and monetary gift fundraising phase... on top of summer job hunting for Kid 2 & Kid 3. As well as continued efforts by Dad and Brother to find 2nd jobs. It's wonderful that our college girls received generous scholarships that make it possible for us to help them with small tuition balances.  Our problem is that recent search for new rental requiring immediate move-in has left us with very little budget for anything else, the idea of becoming homeless again so soon was unsettling.  We are now faced with having to make available nearly three weeks worth of my husband's pay to go toward monthly rent payments.  Our household budget is beyond tight... must be able to afford monthly supply of prescription medications, so lots of .19 cents ramen noodle soups and cheap frozen burritos stock our shelves and refrigerator.

Summer break is officially on, and the crunch is on.  Upcoming expenses include yearly salon haircuts for the girls, twice yearly haircut for Bookstore Boy. My girls need new computers and dorm essentials. Eye exams and new glasses are needed family-wide.  Kid 2 currently has on her must-have list appropriate attire for when she begins student-teaching in the Fall.  Kid 3's wish list has basic college apparel for when she lives in a much colder climate - we donated all our winter gear when we left Colorado. I'm stressed about how much of these needs may not be met.  But hopeful yard sales may bring in a few dollars.

Kid 3 is hoping to sell some of her sketch work, and she's trying her hand at watercolors.  Her sister is knitting scarves to try to sell, so we'll see how that goes.  Time to start researching how to set up online store to put items up for sale.

This is a sample of type of artwork we hope to post on store:
First Flowers
watercolors by E. Carilo June 2015
If there is any interest please inquire via gmail (.) com account: thisisfiftywithlil

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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