Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Last Day

Today is my last day of being a mom to school-age children.  Tomorrow is graduation day for my youngest child and we are all in agreement to skip out on the ceremony part of it.  If you lived where we do you'd understand - we live in the Southern California desert.  If your kids have moved around (we've lived in four states - one in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - and returned to the state where all three kids were born) and changed schools as much as my kids have you'd know exactly where my youngest was coming from - all her closest schoolmates graduated a couple of weeks ago in Colorado.  Sometimes, for some people, there are certain things or events where sentimentality is lost completely.  Our girl held up her end of the bargain... did brilliantly, even under the worst of circumstance.  She's worked diligently to get high marks in school and will be leaving home for college in the Fall. We could not be more thrilled for her. We are in awe at her ability to persevere, remain focused and determined to do her best in school. We, in turn, will honor her wishes and not force her to walk across a stage in a hundred degree temps.  She'll pick up her diploma on Friday, we'll go out to dinner someplace special, just the five of us, and close the book on The School Years.

Image by L Carilo, 1998
Home School

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