Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lights! Camera! Action!

Sorta, anyway.  I recently registered to participate in a YouTube Production Skills boot camp event, and it begins tomorrow.  So, I've been brainstorming... or more like brain-using... working on This Is Fifty With Lil YouTube channel set design for future vlog episodes.

School's out for Summer.  School's out forever... at our house, anyway.  So when I read a recent blog post suggesting that we purposefully commit 30 minutes of each day to learning something new over the Summer I went all in.

YouTube boot camp will be my assignment for two weeks.  I'm excited and looking forward to learning how to improve my channel content.

Let's see how this goes...  Lights! Camera! ACTION!*

So without further ado...

* Lighting will be so-so for a while; camera, it's just one of those point-and-shoot ones; and as for the action, I'll try my best.

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