Friday, November 6, 2015

About This Is Fifty With Lil

Hmm, let me think... Yes, begin with an introduction: I am Lil. This is my blogger name and that should do for now. There is a slightly outdated About Me page where you can learn a bit more about me. If you are new and not yet had the time to become more familiar with all the ins and outs of blogging, a highlighted (sometimes underlined) word (or words) can be right clicked once to link to a website or page. Right click ---> HERE <--- now. That should take you to my About Me page.

Huh, let me see... If you've arrived at the About Me tab, from the menu bar on my web page, you may be wondering what this The Sadness *Wellness* Watch 2015 tab is all about. That was a page created to note progress made when my doctor and I were working to improve my mental wellness. Time constraints... and you know, life... sort of got in the way of my updating how things were going. I'm good; saw my doctor today and he noted that we are on the right track. He returned my med management/wellness visits back to four yearly visits. This is very good. I am very pleased with his decision.

So there's a bit about me. Aside from this blog, I also have a much neglected Tumblr page. I'm pretty sure I also have a Wordpress page. I also have YouTube and SoundCloud channels. Someday, I hope to do more on these sites. But for now BlogHer is where I'm most at ease writing and November NaBloPoMo is a manageable goal in my effort to return to fulfilling the above mentioned creative pursuits.

More later. Now, your turn. What's your story?

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