Sunday, November 1, 2015

"You Do You, Mom."

It was after dinner and before the sun had set behind the Santa Rosa Mountains range when I realized it was November 1st. Am I up to even giving NaBloPoMo a go, I wondered. October effort ended as soon as it began, with only one blog post the entire month. In fact, today is the first time that I've logged on to a computer since October 2nd.

Glancing down to check the time just now and discovering that it is only 9:59 PM convinced me to give November blogging a try. So here I am and it may as well be midnight, although, I'm usually up way past midnight... Rambling. Here I am, sitting in front of an over-sized, brightly lit screen on this giant 17" laptop that I borrowed from my husband and wondering where to start.

Just noticed double spaces after each period. I learned to type in the olden days... 1970s. I've heard this practice is frowned upon to the point of ridicule these days. Need to go back and fix that... Rambling.

I mentioned to my son that I was thinking about participating in NaBloPoMo for BlogHer, but that I had no idea what to write about today. "I might just type out a bunch of random words.", I said. To which my son reassured, "You do you, Mom. You. Do. You."
Image by L. Carilo, November 2015
November has arrived in my sandy, arid corner of the world, and the first day of the month coinciding with end of Daylight Saving Time - a short, well spent Sunday. The only drawback was the mid-day temperature outside... 90 degrees here in the Southern California desert.

I love November. One of those reasons is the close of daylight saving time, I love nightfall arriving earlier and earlier as we get nearer to year's end. I just wish it got a bit colder - okay, a lot colder. There is so much to look forward to this month: family time, special birthdays, Thanksgiving... but first, let's see where tomorrow leads.


  1. This is the exciting part of NaBloPoMo, just as you've said here: "Let's see where it leads." Every year that I participate, something new comes out, something that I never would have ventured if I didn't have to be at the keyboard and commit to the daily post. It's a challenge and it makes me dig deep. So glad you're on board!!

    1. I appreciate your words of support and encouragement, Alexandra. We are one third of the way into November and I have not felt at all overwhelmed or pressured. I decided to allow an average daily word-count of 160 words per day for National Blog Posting Month. I figured had I went really nuts by plunging into 1600 wpd for National Novel Writing Month, I would not have stood a chance. I'm going to save that for another day.