Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm Up! I'm Up!

... I don't want to be up. I don't want to be up.

That's me anytime I must rely on an alarm clock to wake me. This morning's alarm was set for 8:00 AM and I was less than thrilled to have awoken on my own just minutes before scheduled ring-tone sounded off from my cell phone by the bed. I didn't want to get up.

Here's the thing, my Monday mornings are designated do-not-disturb. Unless there's someone who needs to be driven to work or school, I will relish in the luxury that is waking up, rolling over, and falling right back to sleep if that's what my body and mind necessitate.

That wasn't the case today. Today, I had to get up no later than eight o'clock so as to allow a quick shower and enough time to down 36 ounces of water which had to happen one hour before a scheduled imaging appointment. Now, there's no other reason that requires anyone to drink that great amount of water - AND HOLD IT IN - unless it is for some sort of medically necessary procedure; mine was an ultrasound, and that's enough about that.

Problem: I couldn't make it the entire hour. I intentionally left the house early so that I could focus on driving versus temptation of relief down the hall and to the left. Problem: The drive to the imaging center was less than a ten minute drive from home. My thinking at that point was to while away the time on my cell phone until scheduled appointment or until I couldn't keep from wiggling around and with all of my being no longer able to resist racing against time to run into the building and find the nearest restroom.

Oooo... only fifteen minutes left to go! I couldn't wait. I got out of the car which I had purposefully parked a good distance away from the entrance - it's how I squeeze a tiny bit of exercise into my day. Once inside the building, my right foot tapping away at lightning speed, I asked for directions to imagining department. Fortunately that was just behind the reception desk. Hurting and nearing desperation I arrived at the counter to sign in; only 10 minutes to go... before being called up to process. I wasn't going to make it. I had to go NOW.

"Sorry," I said to the woman at the desk. "I'm not going to be able to hold on much longer." My kids could have told her that. They would have told her that I probably deserved a medal for going that long a time on such a great amount of liquid. The technician at the front desk was great. "Right around that corner." she said. "We'll wait while you replenish your fluid intake." "Whew!"Another 16 ounces of water in me and only a few minutes wait before being called into examination room. I made it!

The last time I had to drink so much water and hold it in was right before having ultrasound while pregnant with Kid 3 when we learned it was a she. Well, no, maybe it was a few years ago when I was rushed to E.R. with violent pain that required removal of gallbladder. I like to call it "the time I almost died." No, now that I think about it, I wasn't "drinking" anything that time, IV fluids were doing the job as nurses and doctors prepped me for emergency surgery. That was a frightening experience. I'm hoping cause of whatever the reason for today's procedure is nothing major. For now, I'll wait from the comfort of home... and with an empty bladder.

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