Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What I Did Last Summer

On any given year, this could have been a very short post... two lines, maybe three. However, the same cannot be said for this past Summer, because I actually did something. It was totally unplanned.

As with previous years, it was going to be another dull, slow passing Summer, except with intolerable, sizzling temperatures that suck the life out of me. That's what is called Southern California desert living. Some people LOVE this climate. Also, those people are bananas... fried bananas. I think it's for the birds... or lizards. But what can you do? We became homeless; called on family to take us in. We drove away from our foreclosed home in Colorado knowing exactly what we were in for; we had moved away from this area with no intention of ever moving back here. Live and learn, right?

Anyway, what I did last Summer was got my craft on. I was bored one day and found an empty Duck Tape spool that I just couldn't throw away. An idea struck! I marked the cardboard spool with dots where I wanted my husband to pierce holes in it with an awl. By some miracle, he did not hesitate to fulfill my request. He went right out to the garage and came back with holes perfectly poked out just where I had instructed. This was good. This was unusual.

I have a large kitchen drawer were I keep cellophane wrap, parchment and waxed paper, and aluminum foil, as well as paper and plastic storage bags, random ties, string, and extra long bamboo skewers. I've never had a reason to use these skewers for anything other than arts and crafts projects. Creative juices flowing, I struck out full force to make something... anything. A wheel, maybe? No, a ferris wheel.


I never would have imagined my little spool holes with sticks in them would result in a backdrop for a friend's COACHELLA FESTIVAL themed birthday party. I was thrilled with my accomplishment and overjoyed that it made my friend so happy... it was exactly what she wanted.

Then I was bored. 

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