Sunday, November 22, 2015

Christmas Cards, Oh, Christmas Cards...

Does anyone really want to receive season's greetings via snail mail anymore? Have we really ever liked the whole idea of sending and receiving Christmas cards? Well, I guess I do, or did. In recent years, the few I find in the mailbox during the holidays do put a smile on my face. But, I'm still not exactly sure if I'm just going to end up doing this again. But just for kicks, let's go back in time, to another blog, and...

Take A Letter
(An excerpt.)

In the olden days, you know, back in the 20th century, December 10th was the day I mailed hand signed & addressed Christmas cards.  When we moved out of state, and our kids were still little, I did the ol' holiday letter with photos thing. Well, today is the 10th and no cards... I haven't even bought any, plus I only have about 5 postage stamps.  These days we're within a few miles from both sides of our family, so a letter seems a bit much.  Anyway, what do you write that hasn't been communicated via text or Facebook on a near daily basis.  Hmmm, what to do for 2014 2015.

Okay, here's a quick set-up:
  1. Begin with gorgeous/elegant/whimsical/comical/sparkly seasonal stationary w/ matching envelopes.  And, don't forget special holiday themed postage stamps.
  2. Next decide on a font.  Comic Sans where have you been all my life! Oh, wait... there's a curly-cuey elf style font?  Let me at it!
  3. Greeting:  [Greeting? Greeting?  How do I open this thing?  Must be catchy.  Must say, "Read ME!"]  "Hey," sounds about right, yes?
  4. Body:  [Flashy update of 2014 goings on at The Place... dogs included.  Maybe include story about neighbor/raccoon absurdity.* Keep it clean & funny.]
  5. Closing: [Jolly... SOMETHING JOLLY, FOR GOD'S SAKE!]
Here we go!  Oh, pretend it's on snazzy stationary and in clever font style.


ICYMI... 2014 a la Carilo!

The Hubs? He's juuust greaat. No really. Consumed by handcrafted holiday ornament making for several weeks now, so try not to bother him.

The Typist, aka Driver? She finds herself way behind on her dvr watching. Commercials on some programming still have Halloween theme! Near tears on weeknights trying to come to terms with Colbert Report ending and Craig Ferguson leaving The Late Late Show.

Bookstore Boy? Twenty-two years later, still hasn't lost the ability to talk and talk and talk and talk his mom's ears off! Also, right there with mom, behind on favorite t.v. shows.

College Girl? It snowed today!! Lucky.

Miss Creativity? [Please, no questions.]

And so it goes. This letter would arrive at your mailbox in a festive greeting card - see above. Of course, I could e-mail it, but sorry, not much time for that as I am busy watching last night's @CraigyFerg. So, here it is in the old blog. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Have a Happy New Year!

The Carilos... but mostly Lil

PS Shadow and Sombra say, "WOOF!"

I took this photo.  It's from where we lived before
moving to southern California desert;
it makes me homesick.

PPS Decided not to "go there" about the neighbors, 'tis not the season for such unpleasantries.

Oh, and you can bet your sweet bippy that I'll be telling you the "story about neighbor/raccoon absurdity." Maybe I'll write about it tomorrow.

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