Thursday, November 19, 2015

I'm This Mom

I'm the mom who believes what you think about you bring about. My daughter is fulfilling student-teaching requirement for teaching certification this semester. She is a senior double majoring in early childhood education and religious studies and will be graduating college next May. Her family is very proud of her and looking forward to attending her graduation in the Spring. I've heard it's beautiful in Vermont that time of year.

So what I'm thinking about is that we sure could use some help to start my daughter on her way. With this in mind, I have started a PlumFund campaign to raise money for whatever needs she may have upon graduation and beyond. Here are a few words that I have shared on her fundraising campaign:

"At age 3, when asked what she was going to be when she grew up, she answered: a mommy, a ballerina, and a teacher. Today she is a senior in early childhood education studies.

As she's grown, her determination has not wavered; her vision unobscured no matter what. She persevered and achieved academic success with sincere, purposeful intentions.

In preparation for leap into adulthood, please help us create a solid foundation to start our girl on her way so that she may flourish as she begins life anew as an elementary school teacher. Thank you."

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