Monday, January 5, 2015

Another Monday: Worst Habits

Worst habit?  I'm doing it right now.  My worst habit is that I go to bed way too late - well after midnight.  It also takes me way to long to fall asleep - lots of tossing and turning. Not to mention this weird thing I have about pulling the soft, cool sheets between my big toe and it's neighbor on each foot. That can take a while to get just right.  Throw a 50lb+ corn chippy scented dog between me and the husband and, well... go ahead, I challenge you to try to get some sleep under those circumstances.  You must keep in mind that my only other options are to either sleep in the car or hard wood flooring. A cot might be handy, if it did not mean I'd be sleeping in the kitchen.  Ah, tiny house bliss.

Feeling well rested has been fleeting at best.  Not getting sufficient sleep has been a life-long issue, actually.  This may also be the reason why I have chronic illnesses.  My body isn't getting that precious restorative benefit which solid sleep provides. This long standing habit remains based on the fact that there is always something to think about, be afraid about, worry about, obsess about... bedtime is stressful.

Another problem:  I have the attention span of a dog within sight of a squirrel & a spoonful of peanut butter, and a baby with fish crackers.

Exhibit A:

See.  I recorded, edited and uploaded a vlog when I should have been focused on completing my NaMoBloPo blog post.

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