Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week One 2015

Habits are a funny thing.  One example is how the things we choose to incorporate into our lives because they bring an overwhelming sense of happiness, sometimes set us up for some degree of disappointment.  What I like to do is the easiest thing in the world... offering a smile at people that I encounter while out and about.  Regretfully though, is I am finding evidence that most people choose not to be receptive to this gesture. I often become sad and discouraged by this revelation.  But not today.  Today was the day that a kindly old lady acknowledged my smile, offered a wave or a smile every time we came across each other while we each did our grocery shopping.   It was a good feeling to have kindness reciprocated.  It was one of my most enjoyable outings in nearly two years since moving to this area.  I wish everyone's day had a moment like this to recall of their otherwise, maybe, busy and stressful day.

Sadly, week one 2015 ended poorly.  Again, our world has been rocked by senseless, brutal, incomprehensible... again, senseless violence.  Thoughts are with the families and colleagues of French journos whose lives were cut down in their prime.  Sending soothing thoughts to all those who have vowed to persevere, and show strength through the power of the pen and pencil.  Things like what happened in Paris, should not be the new normal.  But, with worldwide alerts for journalist, that's exactly what seems to be suggested.  I want our old normal.  I've wanted old normal again since 9/11/2001.  Such is life, I suppose.  The key is to persevere, and the people of France have gathered in thousands, pen, pencil & banners raised in remembrance of  the fallen... this is a good thing.  I am in full support of their movement.  Again, my thoughts today have been with the people of France.

There were things that kept me from sitting in front of news coverage, thank goodness.  Plans for the day did not go as expected, but everyone sleeps now, with a new day ahead to accomplish tasks and plans  to assure for a productive day.

Until tomorrow, I again, leave you with today's This Is Fifty With Lil vlog:

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