Monday, January 12, 2015

"I Don't Want To Go Out. I Don't Want To Go Out." ~ Me Just Now

I don't want to go out.  I'm not happy about this. I need to go out but rather stay in, even on a day like this...

Image by L Carilo ~ January 2015
I know, right?  Actually, at the time that I took this photo, I had just walked around to the driver's seat after dropping off my husband at work this morning.  I sat there thinking maybe I should have gotten fully dressed to go shopping immediately afterward, but I just couldn't muster up the right state of mind to accomplish anything at that hour of the morning.  I know this sounds bad, but I do not like being "the driver."  Wait, had to scratch that, I like driving (except for dealing with dicks on the road), no... correction... I love driving, but really, these inconsiderate, self-absorbed drivers are my biggest pet peeve. A close second... early morning laziness.  I don't like waking up early to go on a ride along for school and job drop offs when I could just stay in bed and get up at 7:30 feeling like a normal person as opposed to a lifeless zombie!  Sorry for shouting there.  On the upside, one vehicle; zero car payments. I shouldn't complain.

So, if you ask if I, "enjoy repetition, or do you always need change?"  You'd probably get get a blank stare from me, and maybe hear cricket chirps.  I don't know what is what anymore.  I don''t know if this is a symptom of pre-empty nest syndrome or what, but I'm pretty sure this has been going on for years before any of my children reached 18 years of age.  I'd like to think they could manage as well as I did  when I decided to leave home at 19; better even.  It's a regular suggestion to my eldest child that perhaps it is time for him to set out on his own.  He has his valid arguments against it.  We still rely on him to help with bills and food costs.  This new normal business is taking a long time to adjust to.

Image by L Carilo ~ January 2015

Something that I can attest to is that I don't like living in a climate that is pretty much the same year around.  I miss snow, a reason to use a fireplace, and having to bundle up when going out.  But as I mentioned above, this is my new normal... get used to it, right?

Here's today's vlog post for This Is Fifty With Lil YouTube Channel. Like, Subscribe, Comment, and visit often. I'm having loads of fun with my new hobby and learning new things everyday.  Another thing I've been looking forward to is reading Q by Ben Mezrich.  It's my first e-book and I'm gonna bet that I shall not be able to stop until the end.

I'd like to welcome my second YouTube channel subscriber on this lovely 2nd Monday of 2015!  I hope you had a good day, healthy eats, and a few minutes with a favorite human or pet... or, perhaps, favorite book or t.v. show. Whatever makes you happy.

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