Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nighty, Night; Sleep Tight

What does sleep tight even mean? Does it have to do with being tucked in tight under sheet and blankets?  I don't know.  Now that I think about it, saying goodnight at bedtime has been the most consistent habit we've had as a family.  I like that.

My sleep habits are terrible, and life-long.  Over the majority of my years, the thing I would place blame on is television.  I've been in the habit of watching late-night talk shows since about the fifth grade.  That's forty years!

In addition to the t.v. thing, I've also had a problem with fear; fear of earthquakes (Southern California), fear of prowlers or burglers, fear of gang violence, fear of terrible neighbor kid notorious for starting fires on dry brush that ran along the house my mom rented, fear of whatever might be causing creepy noises... like the refrigerator, or heater.

These days, I'm more susceptible to anxiety over nothing or the inability to keep my body still long enough to doze off.  Then there's the issue with a 50+ lb dog who anxiously (and loudly)  licks his paws until he calms himself before snuggling up to me and falls asleep.

At the moment I'm fighting to keep my eyes open long enough to try to write a coherent blog post so that I can then get back to watching some of my favorite YouTube Channels.  I know, right.  So, I guess I'll end here.

Good night.


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