Friday, January 2, 2015

Habits & Challenges of the Day

Day two and I'm already slipping.  I am not one to make new year's resolutions, but I do consider tweaking some of my more problematic habits... biggest challenge, sleep.  Or, more precisely, getting to bed at a reasonable hour.  Not past 11:49 pm like it is now.  One way of working toward fixing this terrible habit is getting into my pajamas by 9:30...

9:31... close enough.
image by L Carilo January 2015
Just for fun, I've decided to try my luck by having enough fortune cookies to look forward to cracking open to see what I'll find written on those tiny slips of paper contained within during this first week of 2015. I'm not sure about the whole risk taking idea... not now anyway.  Photo Gallery on my mini has been a bit wonky tonight, but slip of paper from today's cookie reads: If the odds are good, take that risk you've been considering.  I'll just hold on to this one until I'm ready.

One thing I was challenged with today was not having the time to make a few changes to my elderly mom's meal plans and daily tasks that she needs to follow, like taking her meds as prescribed.  I enjoy helping her in whatever way I could, and I know she appreciates it tremendously. So when I didn't have notes I had prepared earlier in the day, I started to kick myself for forgetting to retrieve note pad from our family vehicle.  My husband just happened to do something out of the ordinary - have a lengthy visit with his sister - and it was way too late to make necessary calls and scheduling arrangements with regard to mom.  I'll do what I can over the weekend.

My family did have a good time this afternoon; we did a burger/cheeseburger blind taste challenge similar to a YouTube video produced for Good Mythical Morning by creators, Rhett & Link.  I'll post a link following my YouTube channel vlog for today.  There will be a more elaborate vlog post about my family's effort next week, hopefully.

Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link ~ Blind Burger Challenge


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