Monday, January 19, 2015

This Happened Today...

Something unusual happened today.  Something unplanned.  Something surprising.  Something I once enjoyed.  Something that made me feel a sense of accomplishment.  Something I've been told that I am very good at... okay, something my husband said I was better at it than he is.  What happened is, I vacuumed.

Loud noise bothers me, so you would think vacuuming would be a problem for me.  I think the satisfaction of a task well done overrides any discomfort or annoyances.

Dust bunnies bother me, but I don't seem to have a problem with the abundance of fluff strewn about the house; hugging the floorboards.  Dust bunnies weren't as easily visible in my former carpeted home.  One vacuum cleaner upstairs, another downstairs, and a once enjoyable chore kept the fluff at bay.  Putting the steam cleaner into action a few times a year was always rather satisfying as well. Thoroughly vacuuming every bedroom, sitting areas, dining areas, staircase and hallways made me happy.

There are only bare wood floors here at The Place. There lacks the luxury of sitting or stretching out on the floor.  Not having ample space to comfortably be bothers me, but I have to remind myself that shelter; a roof overhead and the availability of air conditioning and beds to sleep on for my family are all things for which to be grateful.

So, I vacuumed today, only one room of a tiny four room house.  I dusted the kitchen walls, vacuumed the tile floor, wiped off counters, and was pleased with the fact that for the first time in a couple of weeks the kitchen sink was empty of a dish or pan to be washed in the morning.

I feel one quarter load lifted off my shoulders.  Two-thirds through January and my effort to re-establish good habits is the objective; still striving to tweak some sense of normalcy back into our lives here. Sometimes, simply fixing dinner is the best I can do.  Must remind myself, I can do more; I can do better.  Let's see what tomorrow brings.


Anyway, here's a way better vacuum cleaner story via CBS6...

How a vacuum salesman invited to a birthday party for a child with autism moved the room to tears


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