Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Cookie Said, "Something, Something, 'Risk.'"

Today's fortune cookie suggested that if the odds seemed good, I should consider taking a risk.  I decided, after reading it and cracking up, that I'd tuck it away until I felt I really needed it.  Well, I jumped the proverbial gun and made plans to go to the mall with the whole fam damily.  The mall is less than a mile from The Place we're staying until things improve (financially), but before even approaching the parking lot, the husband and I were already over the thought of spending another minute in each other's company.  Match made in heaven, right?

Image by L Carilo

So, we went our separate ways; he with our daughters, while I sat at the food court waiting for my son's shift at the bookstore to be over.  It was a short wait.  And, my daughter didn't have any luck finding reasonably priced boots; she'll just have to keep looking. We all finally met up, and it was decided that we should try a new Mexican restaurant that my husband got gift cards through work over the holidays.  That was a disappointment.  So much for risk taking, right?  I tried.

I'm doing this thing this week, and this week only (on purpose, anyway). I'm opening one fortune cookie everyday first week of 2015... you know, just to see how things go.  I know, I know, the power of suggestion and everything.  Well the skeptic in me has decided to throw logic out the window and embrace the cookie fortunes taken from stiff cardboard like treats one receives after they've stuffed their gob at the end of a Chinese dinner.  Having Chinese food is also on my must do list during first week of 2015.  This was today's nugget...

Image by L Carilo
Like many others, a new year has me toying with the notion that if I really wanted, I could drop some weight that really must go if I want to treat myself to a new outfit - that will actually look good on me.  My youngest child will be graduating high school this spring, and I'd like to look good in photos taken on that special occasion, unlike the way I looked when her siblings graduated.  Anyway, I've been mulling over this weight loss plan since I approached age 50 last year.  Well, it still hasn't happened; nothing to speak of, really.  But I haven't exactly been diligent about sticking to a fitness plan.  I really must try harder.  This was last year's declaration of sorts:

It's not a new year's resolution, just an idea which must come to fruition sooner than later... or I'll risk showing up for my daughter's graduation in a muu-muu... Oh, no, no, no, no, NO!

Here's today's vlog post featuring my double chins...

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