Thursday, January 15, 2015

My 2015 One Woman Book Club

by Ben Mezrich
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My one woman book club is off to a good start.  Finished Ben Mezrich's ebook Q in two sittings.  Man, it was good.

Next up is another Mezrich read, Seven Wonders, which was released last year.

But in the event that I'm still freaked out about Q, I may have to go to Jim Gaffigan's FOOD: A Love Story, or anything by David Sedaris.

Prompt of the day asks:  If you had to read the same book year after year after year, what would it be?

I've actually done this at different times in my life.  I had to read them; they went hand-in-hand... or book-in-hand more accurately... every school break.  As a tiny kid it was Millicent the Monster, and during the holidays, 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.  Later, in elementary school, it was The Diary of Anne Frank.  I was in the fifth grade when I first read it.  I read it every summer through high school.  Sometime during junior high school, I discovered Farewell to Manzanar; I also read this book through high school.  I was lucky enough to have Reading For Pleasure elective where I found Philip Roth's Goodbye, Columbus contained in a collection of his short stories.  This book I carried into adulthood.  As a parent of very young children, a good friend thought I'd enjoy and benefit from Simple Abudance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy.  I loved this book; still do.  It's sits on a footrest within reach this very minute.  So those are my books.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got into a serious phase of not being able to put down a David Sedaris book.  So good.  I wish I had my collection of his best works... nearly every book he's written, but all my books are in storage in Colorado.  Fingers crossed I'll have them in possession again sometime soon.

I'm hoping to find that perfect book to read in my midlife years. I shall make this my mission this year.  Wish me luck.  Also, maybe, some will leave recommendations in comment section below.

Thanks, in advance.


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  1. I love reading and belong to a Jane Austen book club, and since there aren't many books, we branch out to other Regency books as well. My 50th is next year, so I will be looking for that special book too. Mine will probably be a foodie one.