Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's Sunday, Sunday...

Image by L Carilo, January 2015
I gotta get up on Sunday.  Get up early, that is... but I did not.  Serious breach of protocol.  Sunday mornings my alarm is set to wake me at 9:00.  A few minutes later I arrive at my mom's apartment to sort out her meds for the week.  At 85, my sister and I discovered that mom would be needing a bit of help with proper administration of medication she takes for a number of health issues; having relocated close to mom, I thought I'd take on this task; I've been doing it for over a year now. Anyway, that's how my Sundays start... or should start.  It didn't happen that way today.  Today was more of an epic failure on my part. Mom's 90 day supply of some of her prescriptions had run out and had no more refills.

Here we are, beginning of a new year and I've already failed at one of my most important tasks: managing mom's care.  At least I made sure I did her grocery shopping for the next couple of weeks, otherwise I'd be super annoyed with myself for being so negligent.  Another thing I discovered, mostly because of mom needing to change doctors, was that I did not have all her prescriptions filled.  So, that's one of the first things I have to do Monday morning. I did what I could with what I had available and assured mom that I'd have new prescriptions to round out the rest of the week, and through the end of March.

Image by L Carilo, January 2015
After leaving mom's place, College Girl and I drove out to Joann's to look for material she would need to line a skirt.  Finding that was easy enough, as was some black yarn that she wanted to knit herself a scarf for when she returns to school in the northeastern part of the country next week.  So that little excursion was fun, and I even treated myself to some supplies for a floral arrangement.  I read somewhere that the color caramel is supposed to represent the month of January, So I'm adding touches here and there to incorporate this warm, rich hue.  I think I will be happy with how my little project will turn out using these materials:

I stopped by mom's again in the evening to check how her day went, and to ask if there was anything else she'd need me to pick up while doing weekly grocery shopping for the family tomorrow morning after I drop off my husband at work and my second daughter at the high school.  I left mom's with a short list of stuff that I'll pick up, then later drop off at her place before heading back to The Place here.  Of course, I also recorded tonight's vlog for This Is Fifty With Lil's YouTube channel.  The one word I use to describe it is, UNSCRIPTED.  It's one of my favorites so far, and I'm hardly even visible in it!  It was fun to make; I'm really enjoying the editing part of it; I'm learning a lot as I go.  Let me know what you think of any of my vlogs posted on this blog.

This Is Fifty With Lil YouTube Channel vlog by L Carilo, January 2015

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